New BBQ Gloves for 2021 Buying Guide

One might say that BBQ gloves are a relic of the past, but these days they’re more necessary than ever. The surface area on your hand is much smaller than that of your forearm or arm, which means you have less protection from the heat coming off the grill. What’s worse is that since there are no bones in your fingers to help diffuse the heat, it quickly travels up and becomes unbearable to hold onto anything for long periods. It doesn’t matter if you’re skilled enough to flip food with tongs or not – holding onto them will eventually make them too hot for anyone to handle! 

It’s time for BBQ gloves to come back into fashion so we can keep our hands safe while cooking delicious summer foods!

What are BBQ gloves and why do I need them?

Grill gloves such as these  (also called heat-resistant gloves or kitchen oven mitts)  are wearable accessories used for cooking outdoors. They protect the hands from the heat and sharp edges of not only grills, but also pans, pots, and even oven racks!


Although I’ve never owned a pair myself, I’ve been told that the first time you use a beer-can chicken roaster, your gloves will be your best friend. If you haven’t tried this method before, it involves cooking a whole bird on top of an open can so all the juicy goodness drips right down into the meat as it cooks!

Do BBQ gloves exist?

Yes! Grill gloves are not unique to any specific brand, so you can find them in most stores that sell kitchen supplies. If your local big-box store doesn’t carry them, you can always order online. Here’s a great example of one type available on Amazon.

How to choose the right pair for me

Grill gloves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most important thing to look out for is how long they are. For those of you who enjoy cooking on a charcoal grill or smoker, look for something that’s about 12 inches long – this length will give you plenty of room to work without exposing your hands!

If you do a lot of grilling with tools such as tongs, you might want to consider buying a pair with extra protection on the fingertip side. This will help keep things from poking through and causing nasty cuts!

Keep in mind that most grill gloves are not 100% heatproof, so if you’re looking for something that can withstand temperatures over 600 degrees Fahrenheit, you might want to look into buying welding gloves instead.

Why you should invest in a good pair of BBQ gloves now

If you haven’t already noticed, summer is right around the corner. This means it’s time to bust out your barbecues and get grilling! Since nothing ruins an outdoor cookout more than injuries brought on by wearing improper hand protection, you should get your pair of grill gloves now so there’s no waiting period when you need them most.

What about if I don’t want to use gloves?

I will admit that there are times when wearing a pair of BBQ gloves just looks ridiculous, and perhaps even ruins your “cool” factor. This might be especially true if you’re a professional griller or competition barbecuer – let’s face it, most serious cooks look cool regardless of what they wear! However, if you can’t stand the heat (literally), you should invest in a good pair of grill gloves before summer gets into full swing!

In summation: Grill gloves will keep your hands from getting burnt as well as help protects against cuts from grilling tools.