First, the reason why the electric heater equipment generally generates a fire: 1, put the power-proof the explosion-proof electric heater is in the vicinity of flammable or flammable, for a long time Baked under fire. 2, the explosion-proof electric heater is not installed, and the wire is inserted directly into the socket, so it is easy to cause a short circuit. 3, the user did not pull the plug of the explosion-proof electric heater when leaving, the time is too long, causing the explosion-proof electric heater to overheat, and the adjacent flammable material is ignited to cause fire. 4, the electric wire is continued for multiple repairs, which can cause the line to overload fire. It is worth noting that the electric heating furnace of the electric heating furnace portable electric heater explosion-proof electric heater is made of nickel, chromium alloy, and the temperature is up to 800 ° C or higher. Since the power of the explosion-proof electric heater is relatively large, the user accidentally neglects the safety, and the fire can happen at any time. Next, it analyzes the precautions to prevent explosion-proof electric heater from being fired: 1, the wire must be installed, and the thread can be inserted directly into the socket. 2, explosion-proof electric heater wire aging damage should be replaced in time. 3, the explosion-proof electric heater without the installation of the fuse is not allowed. 4, when the explosion-proof electric heater must be used, there must be a tube. When leaving, the plug should be unplugged. In the process of use, if you have a power outage, you should pull out the plug, don’t forget. 5. For a plurality of repairs, it is best not to use, and the new electric wire should be replaced. 6, the flammable and explosive article is strictly prohibited to dry with explosion-proof electric heaters. 7. The electric oven should have a device for controlling the temperature, and it is necessary to prevent the temperature from being too high, and it is necessary to prevent the baking time from being too long.