How Online Games Relieve Stress

If you’re looking for an effective way to relieve stress, then you may want to play online games. Adventure games and Match 3 games are among the top choices. Other genres include puzzles and Role-Playing games. Some online games even include socializing with other players. Dara O’Brian’s Go 8 Bit can be previewed on UKTV Play.

Adventure games

Adventure games are a great way to relieve stress. They require team members to think and act creatively, which can help reduce negative thoughts and boost a person’s self-esteem. Moreover, these games often involve challenging missions that require the full attention of the team. They can also improve memory and cognitive function by providing a new context to apply skills.

Adventure games are suitable for both children and adults. Those who play them regularly reported a reduction in stress levels. Some titles for children include Lego: Marvel Superheroes, Ice Age 2: Meltdown, and World of Warcraft.

Match 3 games

Casual video games such as Match 3 games are a great way to relieve stress. The designers of these games are consciously designing them to provide a calming and relaxing experience. They have avoided the traditional school of thought that games have to be competitive and stressful. The result is a game that is enjoyable and relaxing for both players and their mental health.

Socializing with others while playing online games

Many people experience relief from stress and anxiety from socializing with other gamers. This is because they are engaged in a specific activity, and are not thinking about other issues. It is also important to note that people who play poker online games report that they often form lasting relationships with other gamers.

In this study, participants were recruited through social media and two introductory psychology research pools at a Canadian university. Participants were selected based on their age, gender, and interest in online gaming. They were not limited to casual gamers, and indicated that they played a wide variety of games.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is an addictive and fun game that has become a worldwide sensation. The game is based around adorable angry birds battling evil farm pigs. It is also one of the most popular games for mobile devices. Despite its silly nature, Angry Birds has proven to be an effective stress-relief tool. For instance, in Angry Birds Heroic Rescue, you must use your red angry bird to knock down a bad green pig from a stone ledge.

While some people may find Angry Birds addictive, there are more complex video games that can actually relieve stress. For instance, action games, like SimCity, are known to train the mind to recognize potential outcomes and consequences of decisions, which can improve decision-making skills.


Tetris and other similar games can help people cope with stressful situations, especially if you play them regularly. These games help players fall into the state of flow, which is a state in which one is fully absorbed in an activity and loses sight of their surroundings. This state can help individuals cope with life-changing events.

The calming effects of Tetris games have been studied in scientific settings. For example, a recent NPR piece explains that playing Tetris has helped many patients deal with anxiety by placing them in a state of “flow.” In this state, a person’s brain can focus without being distracted by intrusive thoughts. Similarly, virtual reality (VR) therapy can help people cope with anxiety and PTSD.